Spotlight On: Brad James from Canada

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I am a wildlife photographer living in the rugged and beautiful province of Newfoundland, Canada. I live for the moments when I am out exploring nature and capturing images of the creatures that inhabit this world.

What inspired you to become a photographer?
Growing up, I always had an interest in wildlife and in being creative. I remember a photo my mother took of me as a young child, lying in the drifting snow on a cold winter’s day, watching a flock of Evening Grosbeaks visit our backyard feeder. Throughout the years, I have tried various forms of art, from drawing and painting, to creating digital models for movies and games, but when I picked up my first camera, back in 2008, I was hooked...

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  1. Avatar
    Jamin Taylor on

    Great interview. Brad is an inspiring photographer who is very skilled and talented. I love seeing his awesome work.

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