Paul Colley: Interview by Laura Storm

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Paul Colley makes his images count by working with conservation agencies worldwide. He pioneered remote control photography techniques to document wildlife in UK rivers and to photograph bats in flight.

This isn’t the first significant award you’ve won but, even so, are you enjoying the limelight? What has been your favourite part of winning the BWPA‘s top accolade so far?
It’s actually hard not to enjoy the publicity that comes with a major award and there are lots of good things happening as a result. My favourite has been the close engagement with bat conservation agencies and people. I’ve been talking to bat enthusiasts all over the world; there are so many new opportunities to pursue. And I am delighted that the Bat Conservation Trust are using my images to promote conservation messages...


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About Author

Laura Storm

I’m Laura Storm, a diver and underwater photographer, passionate about wildlife and the oceans. In 2010 I set up Planet Plankton, an independent initiative committed to advancing marine conservation and raising awareness for the oceans through photography and photojournalism. My latest project focuses on the importance of British freshwater habitats - which includes everything from dirty rivers to stunningly beautiful lakes, ponds and puddles, anywhere I can get my camera beneath the surface.

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