Female Nature Photographer: Stephanie Manuel from Mauritius

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Female Nature Photography

I am a passionate photographer from the beautiful island of Mauritius. From the iconic endemic geckos, to the colourful garden insects, this little island provides daily inspiration for my photography. My photos are powerful communication tools which enable me to connect with others and support nature conservation projects.

Green Eye Contact - The mesmerising green camouflage of the Madagascar Giant Day Gecko (Phelsuma madagascariensis grandis) among the leaves of the traveller’s tree.

Female Nature Photography is a website community of nature photographers for women. It showcases the latest work by female photographers from all over the world and provides resource and inspiration to help more women achieve recognition for their photography. Wild Planet Photo Magazine is a creative partner of Female Nature Photography.

Canon 70D, Tamron 90mm, f/3.5 , 1/80sec, ISO 100

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