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Become the Nature Photographer Of The Year 2019

With less than two weeks to send in your photos for Nature Photographer of the Year 2019, time is ticking away fast. It's not only this prestigious title, they have far more to offer. All of the category winners, like Bence Mathé from last year, with his beautiful photo of three Great egrets, won €500,- in cash. And the overall winner even wins €3.000, in cash!

Bence Mathé - Nature Photographer of the Year

You will also participate in the grand exhibition, which will be touring around the Netherlands and Belgium over the coming year. The high quality prints are made specially by PLM, Art Centre For Photofinishing (www.PLM.nl).

So, don't hesitate. Go to the website Nature Photographer of the Year and check out the amazing photos of the previous competitions, get inspired by other photographers and enter your greatest photos in the contest.

About Nature Photographer of the Year
This is already the fourth year of the Nature Photographer of the Year (NPOTY) contest, a worldwide nature photo competition. Besides the prestigious title 'Nature Photographer of the Year 2019, there are some fantastic prizes to win, including the top prize of €3000 cash for the overall winner, and other great cash prizes and cool photo equipment.

In 2018 people from all over the world, from over 55 countries, competed to become the winner of this contest. The judges reviewed almost 10.000 images. They saw the most amazing images, some sad and cruel, some full of wonder. It is clear that nature photography is alive and kicking in all its forms.

Competition entry fees

Standard: 25 euro (max 20 images)

Portfolio: 15 euro (8-12 images)

Young 10-17 years: free of charge

Standard + Portfolio: 40 euro

If you enter the contest you will be supporting the Nature Talks Foundation (Stichting Nature Talks). This non-profit organisation contributes to various conservation projects in the Netherlands and Belgium, giving something back to the nature we love so much. So, besides the chance to win great prizes, you also give nature a hand.

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