Animography Photography Awards call for entries

An exciting new wildlife photography competition, drawing attention to conservation through creative photography – Animography Photography Awards - specifically aimed at highlighting global conservation issues through the lens of the camera.

Created by a team of passionate photographers and conservationists, the goal of the competition is to create a forum where different conservation issues are brought into awareness through pictures taken by everyday travellers, and seasoned photographers, who are also interested in conservation.

Here’s how the Animography Photography Awards will aid conservation:

The mechanics of the project:
Driven by giving back to nature, the Animography Awards is run on an annual basis, where the environmental needs facing various continents are focused upon through photography and other media channels. The most important part is for the chosen conservation organisations to gain, not only through exposure and raised awareness, but also to receive some funding through the competition.

With the promise of financial gain, conservation organisations can hopefully assist in promoting the Animography Awards to their own database to boost the number of entries. The more entries, the greater the reach, the greater the financial reward for conservation – everybody wins.

The structure of the Animography Awards entries:
Differing from the usual photographic categories that are often used in other competitions (wide angle, landscape, macro lens etc), instead, the Animography categories are based on actual conservation issues facing the world at the moment. Following the guidelines of each new category, any photos can be submitted into each category - from vast landscapes to small critters. Each category will be aligned with a particular conservation organisation, whose focus is combating that particular issue on that continent.

The following categories have been chosen:
● Rivers
● Forests
● Savannas
● Pachyderms
● Coral Reefs
● Sharks

Who wins and how?
The judges, all experts in the genre of Wildlife Photography, will be choosing the top three from each of the categories, and then an overall winning image. The overall winning photographer of the competition will win a safari for nine days to Zambia.

The conservation organisation linked to the category, from which the overall winning image is chosen, will receive a cash donation from both the Animography Awards and the competition Sponsors. 30% of all competition entry fees will provide the donations from the competition.

Timing of the competition:
Entries open: January 2020
Entries close: September 2020
Judging: October 2020
Winners Announced: November 2020

Visit the website for more information

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