2 Billion Bees in 2020 Project

BEEROLE launches “2 Billion Bees Project”, a social campaign that aims to create buzz among targeted communities, equally interested in a friendly environment and social commitment, with the main goal to save the bees and the planet.

Bees play a vital role in our daily lives. Not many of us know how big of a difference can they make in a world endangered by pollution, fast economy and bad management. In that spirit, we decided it’s time to make a wake-up-call and start acting.

We found the easy and fast way to do that for a friendly environment.

Save 100 bees for 1 dollar. How can that be possible, you may wonder. Well, with a perfectly integrated communication plan and a simple management process, we endorse the protection of bee families, facilitating the access of beekeepers to hives, thus stimulating the production of best quality honey.

Donating 200.000 hives to 100 affected countries with a simple click we target an audience of two billion bees that could save the entire planet.

That means we encourage state-of-the-art technology and we stimulate the protection of bee families.

Our goal is to create 200.000 homes for bee families, to pollinate large areas so as to encourage and protect this special species. Also, we focus on community building to give everyone the chance in contributing to help save the planet.

The question is, what can you do with one dollar?

The answer? You can buy a small cup of coffee, a sandwich, a soda, or you can save 100 bees from disappearing and you can give them the opportunity to thrive.

All you have to do is enter our website: www.beerole.com, click the save the bees button at the top and bottom of the page, support the cause and help us spread the word.

Tell your friends and let’s be part of a social global movement. We are what we Love.

Help us save the only planet we have!

Join the movement and be part of one of the biggest challenges ever: saving the bees and our planet. Become a member of the Beerole family and contribute to the well being of the planet.

It’s your turn to act NOW!

Remember - not all superheroes wear capes.

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