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Winners of Environmental Photographer of the Year – How our planet looks in 2018

Image: “Not in my forest” by Calvin Ke, Malaysia

Powerful imagery from the 2018 competition has been released, an effective catalyst for positive change

Winners announced! The captivating and thought-provoking photographs from The Environmental Photographer of the Year provide an insight into how our planet is looking in 2018.

This year, the competition received entries from 89 countries. They provide an insight into the current state of our environment and the livelihoods of people around the world.

These photographs remind us that we all live on the same planet and that the actions we take affect others around us. The emotive response they trigger from spectators makes them a powerful catalyst for positive change. They are also a reminder that there is always hope, and happiness to be found, even during the hardest of times.

CIWEM’s vision is to build a safer and more sustainable world.

Terry Fuller, CIWEM Chief Executive and judge of the competition said, “There is a finality about this year’s winning image that I find chilling. The water once used for many purposes has gone and the decaying state of the ship suggests that the water will not return. Why was this ship left stranded? Did the owners not know or believe that the water levels were declining, or did it happen so quickly that they did not have time to adapt?

The competition is proudly sponsored by Olympus, a global, leading manufacturer of optical and digital precision technology.

Georgina Pavelin, Marketing Manager at Olympus UK, and judge of the competition said, “I've judged many photo competitions and the level of work entered to this competition is fantastic; it was a tough day, not only in selecting winners from some excellent entries but also in such varied and emotional subject matters.

Five photographs were also highly commended for the important environmental message they portray as well as the high quality of photography.

·         “Boulmigou The Paradise of Forgotten Hearts” by Antonio Aragón Renuncio, Burkina Faso

·         “Not in my forest” by Calvin Ke, Malaysia

·         “Save turtle” by Jing Li, Sri Lanka

·         “Floating life on river under pollution” by Tapan Karmakar, India

·         “Urban life in Singapore” by Thigh Wanna, Singapore

Jing Li, Save Turtle

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