Removing Noise Like a Pro with Lightroom

Jared Lloyd has a new and interesting step-by-step video guide: 'How to Reduce Noise like a Pro in Lightroom' - An instructional tutorial on how to use Lightroom’s noise reduction feature.

As Jared states "Noise happens. If you’re a wildlife photographer, working your magic in the dwindling light, fighting to maintain fast shutter speeds, and dealing in every higher ISO settings, then noise happens a lot. There are ways to safeguard against this. There are ways to minimise the noise you capture in your photographs even when wielding 10,000 ISO. But for those times you didn’t do it right, for those times you were sloppy, forgot, panicked, had a brain fart, or just had no clue it was possible to kill 90% of the noise you were seeing in your images with your exposure settings, noise reduction software is your friend. And I’m going to show you how to remove it from your photos like a pro, without plugins, right from Lightroom, the easy way, the precise way, the professional way."

"Since discovering this method, I gave up using any and all other noise reduction plugins and programs. Not only does this method work better, in my opinion, but it is also built into Lightroom. This means that it fits seamlessly into my workflow and there is no need for purchasing and fumbling with additional plugins."

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