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Teri Franzen from the USA
Teri Franzen hopes that through photography and stories she can raise awareness of the natural beauty that surrounds us. Nature and wildlife are precious commodities. Now, more than ever before, they need our help. With a strong emphasis on ethics, Teri is passionate about observing and photographing wildlife on its terms, wild, unaltered and undisturbed

Favourite location
When I first became serious about wildlife photography I spent many months setting up makeshift blinds in various spots throughout a local wetland - Brick Pond Wetland Preserve - in hopes of witnessing the lifecycle of the Wood Ducks that breed in that pond. Throughout those months, along with the Wood Ducks I shared space with countless other wild creatures, including marine mammals, birds, amphibians and even a bobcat. Each visit inspired me to learn more about the behaviors and animals I had photographed. At the tail end of my journey I had evolved into not only a photographer, but also a naturalist and a conservationist with a desire to protect the rich ecosystem that sustained these animals. Brick Pond changed my life...


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