Book Review: Remembering Great Apes

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Clare Disano takes her first look at the much-anticipated fundraiser photo book, Remembering Great Apes.

As the third book in a series that is fast becoming legendary in wildlife circles, I had high expectations of this book and, from the first turn, it didn’t disappoint, delivering its powerful and critical message through page after page of breath-taking and thought-provoking beauty.

Margot Raggett’s introduction sets out a clear message: our consumption as humans is having a catastrophic affect and now is the time to turn the tide and make positive change, before the unthinkable happens and apes disappear for all eternity.
The very sad truth that our human consumption is destroying wildlife is becoming more apparent as our world becomes over-populated and our consumption becomes unquenchable. Whilst great apes are not the only ones to suffer 
at the hands of humans, they are suffering in ways others don’t. Both the bushmeat and pet trades, along with deforestation, human settlement and mining are all crippling their numbers at an alarming rate. The book sets out some of these problems in detail and tells us how we can all make changes that will have a positive effect, however small.

Dr. Jane Goodall DBE makes a touching comment in the book’s foreword, “It is impossible to look at these pictures without feeling empathy for the individuals depicted.” Due to all of the photographers, who have not only donated their images but devoted their time and skill, the proceeds from the book sales will be put back into great ape conservation efforts, via The Born 
Free Foundation.
We are treated to some extremely beautiful and emotive photographs, taken by some well-known, and some lesser-known, wildlife photographers. From cheeky infants to gentle giants - as readers we get a glimpse into the characteristics, and even personalities, of these very human animals. We also get to see the landscapes they live in and how they connect with one another. These fascinating images serve as a great reminder that the world would be a very grim place without these magnificent great apes.

There is a positive message to end on though. Organisations such as Born Free and the EAGLE Network are proving that humans can make positive change, which is why they need our donations to keep moving the cause forward; to tackle poaching and trafficking and to also provide sanctuary for apes left injured or without their families. If each and every one of us reading this bought a copy we would be making a great strides, as individuals, in helping to protect them.

Due for release 15th October you can 
pre-order your copy here.

As part of the launch of the much-anticipated Remembering Great Apes charity picture book, and in association with the Born Free Foundation, a special evening about great ape conservation and photography will take place at the prestigious Royal Geographical Society in London on October 18th. Remembering Great Apes aims to be the most beautiful book on the species ever made and as well as a foreword by Jane Goodall DBE, will include images by many of the world’s top wildlife photographers including Tim Laman, Brent Stirton, Greg du Toit, Art Wolfe and Frans Lanting.

Tickets from £29.15. For more information, click here.

Win a copy of Remembering Great Apes
We’re giving away a copy of Remembering Great Apes to one lucky Wild Planet Photo Magazine reader. All you need to do to enter the competition is enter our giveaway draw on our website here.
The competition closes on 1st November 2018 and the winner will be notified by email. The book will be posted to the winner’s home address.


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