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Mark Sisson questions the place of wildlife photography tourism following an enlightening a trip to Kalimantan in Borneo

I have just returned from spending pretty much the whole of last month in Indonesia. There’s nothing intentionally boastful in that statement as it is pretty normal for my working photographic life to be spending large amounts of time in amazing locations with my camera...


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About Author

Mark Sisson

Mark is a widely published and award-winning nature photographer. As a Director of Natures Images, the leading wildlife photography holiday and workshop business, he has many opportunities to travel with his camera, as well as the opportunity to share his passion and knowledge for nature photography.

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    I think it is all to easy to forget that some of the wildlife rich countries don’t have an economy like ours in the West and that some hunting and trapping is carried out as a necessity simply to survive.
    But as responsible wildlife photographers we have a duty to raise awareness of the plight of these animals so they are not hunted to extinction, it is through this education that conservation can start and by encouraging wildlife tourism you are making the animals a valuable asset and bringing much needed money into those countries. If those that are doing the hunting are benefiting from those coming to see the animals then instead of hunting them they become the conservationists.

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