Winners of 2016 WildlifePhoto Photography Competition Announced

Image caption: Overall winner & Wildlife Portraits category winner. Margay cat photographed in the Amazon © Dillon Anderson

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The winners of the 2016 Photo Competition Series have been announced.

In 2016, the quality of entries was extremely high and judging was a difficult task. The selection of the winning images is a great testament to the dedication and talent of the commended photographers.

The winner of the Wildlife Portraits category, the title of Photographer of the Year, and the $12,000 Zambian safari, courtesy of The Bushcamp Company, is Dillon Anderson, a photographer from New Zealand.

His portrait of a nocturnal Margay Cat, photographed in the Amazon Rainforest, is a technically challenging photograph of an extremely elusive subject.

Will Burrard-Lucas, judge and professional wildlife photographer, said: “It doesn’t get much harder than photographing an elusive, arboreal and nocturnal species of wild cat! Dillon’s photograph captures a strong sense of the cat in its shadowy rainforest habitat. The backlighting has picked out the vegetation on the log and the outline of the cat beautifully. The strong composition and eye contact complete the image.”

Tracey Jennings wildlife photo competition
Habitats & Landscapes category winner. Puffadder shyshark in kelp forest, South Africa © Tracey Jennings

In addition to the overall winner, there were two further category winners who each received an F-stop camera bag and a Camtraptions camera trap sensor. Tracey Jennings won the Habitats and Landscapes category with her beautiful underwater photograph of a Puffadder shyshark in the kelp forest in South Africa.

Greg Lecoeur won the Animal Behaviour category with his spectacular image of gannets and common dolphins feeding on Sardines, also off the coast of South Africa.

The winning images will also be exhibited in March on the “Big Screen”, a gigantic 30 ft. outdoor screen located in the Chelsea District of New York City, USA.
Greg Lecoeur wildlife photo competition
Animal Behaviour category winner. Gannets and common dolphins feeding on Sardines off the coast of South Africa © Greg Lecoeur

We're sharing just a selection of the commended entries from the competition below. To see the rest of the winning and commended images, click here:


Wildlife Portraits Commended Entries

Alison Buttigieg Lion

 Male lion photographed in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, South Africa © Alison Buttigieg

Anton Sorokin Caiman

Smooth fronted caiman photographed in the Peruvian rainforest © Anton Sorokin

Sebastian Kennerknecht Pampas Cat

Pampas Cat in altiplano at night, Ciudad de Piedra, western Bolivia © Sebastian Kennerknecht

Animal Behaviour Commended Entries

Jacques Andre Dupont Gannets

Northern Gannet flying over the perfectly aligned nests of the colony © Jacques Andre Dupont

Robin Karpan Bear

An Alaskan Brown Bear tries to catch a salmon on the Brooks River, Katmai National Park, Alaska, USA © Robin Karpan

Vinod Bartakke Tigers

Tigers playing, Tadoba Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra, India © Vinod Bartakke


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