Interview • Theo Bosboom

Interview with Theo Bosboom
Award-winning nature photographer Theo Bosboom combines linear compositions with graphic style to create miniature worlds and scenes. From the lure of Iceland to photographing the beauty of his home in the Netherlands, Theo shares his wildlife experiences with WPM

Where did your love of photographing miniature worlds come from?
When I had just started with nature photography in 2003, I was able to borrow a 100mm macro lens from a friend for a weekend. I went out in a small nature area close to my home in Arnhem, the Netherlands, which is full of wildflowers and insects in summer. I was immediately hooked by this intriguing new world that opened up for me and was very excited by the creative possibilities for close-up photography. I have always had the feeling that with macro photography you have more control and more creative freedom than with other wildlife or landscape pictures. That’s probably because...

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