Seizing Wild Moments

What is our incentive behind taking wildlife pictures? Mark Sisson explains why this simple question requires deeper thought in the burgeoning world of wildlife photography and competitions

It’s a conversation that happens pretty regularly when I am running one of the many wildlife photography trips that I do over the course of the year. It’s one that usually starts as a result of hearing a photographer’s frustrations at an image opportunity in front of them because “it won’t do well in x, y and z competition”. As a consequence, they either end up not taking the picture, or even worse, not trying to find a way to work with the opportunity that is there. The question is one that I think is really important...

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Mark Sisson

Mark is a widely published and award-winning nature photographer. As a Director of Natures Images, the leading wildlife photography holiday and workshop business, he has many opportunities to travel with his camera, as well as the opportunity to share his passion and knowledge for nature photography.

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