Scottish Nature Photographer of the Year

Scottish Nature Photographer of the Year
After winning the grand title of Scottish Nature Photographer of the Year with a striking Osprey shot, Gordon Rae impressed audiences with his expert technique. WPM discovers how he achieved the picture and the golden rules that dominate his shooting methods

Congratulations on winning the title of Scottish Nature Photographer of the Year 2016. Can you tell us the story behind the winning picture of the ‘Undercover Osprey’ and how you achieved it?
My winning image came by chance one morning when the light was in my favour early on. The juvenile bird returning to the Highlands of Scotland for the first time was having a real problem lifting clear of the water with such a huge fish and had sat back down to regain his composure. As he settled back into the water, that let me lock the autofocus back onto the bird as it prepared to take off again. From the sequence of shots...

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