Poseidon’s Horses

Poseidon's Horses
This month Jared Lloyd sets sail on a captivating photographic journey, battling sand and salt to investigate the intriguing past of the wild horses of the Outer Banks

I don’t know what it is about being on a boat at dawn that makes me feel so alive. I can check off a list of possibilities of course. The tang of salt that fills my nostrils. The negatively charged ions filling my lungs and blood stream. The exhilaration of speed over open water. Simply being on and interacting with that element from which we all evolved. The enormous flocks of black skimmers rising up from a spit of dry sand, filling the air like a column of smoke as they head...

Read the whole feature inside issue 44

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Jared Lloyd

Jared Lloyd is a professional wildlife photographer and environmental journalist based in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. With publishing credits worldwide, Jared’s work takes him from the Amazon to Africa, but the open spaces and charismatic wildlife of Yellowstone lure him back to the Northern Rockies every time. At the heart of all things in his artwork is conservation.


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