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Osprey Heaven In Florida with Melissa Groo

Soaring Osprey are birds that many wildlife photographers long to capture on camera. Melissa Groo heads to Blue Cypress Lake, Florida, a hotspot for these glorious birds, offering her advice on how, when and where to photograph them

Blue Cypress Lake is osprey heaven. Located in central Florida, this 6,500-acre lake hosts more than 220 nesting pairs of osprey, as counted by Audubon last year. These nests couldn’t be more picturesque, situated as they are in giant cypress trees festooned with hanging moss, rising out of the water. Some of the nests are low enough to be almost eye level. I visited this magical place in...

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Melissa Groo

Melissa Groo has spent several seasons in Central Africa as a research assistant on The Elephant Listening Project and continues to work part time for Save the Elephants.

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