Interview • Wildlife Photography Duo Sarah and Andy Skinner

With more than 40 trips to Africa in twelve years under their belt, husband and wife team Sarah and Andy Skinner are dedicated to bringing home unique animal pictures. The duo speak to WPM about their guided safaris, conservation efforts, photography advice and healthy competition

When and where did your love for wildlife photography begin?
Andy: When I was a young boy growing up in the UK I remember watching the badgers and foxes out of my gran’s window at night and hearing the tawny owls calling in the woodland beside our house. I would head out whenever I could. I was around seven years old when I first got my first camera. I even won second prize in a local photo competition with an owl picture when I was the same age. Later in life in 2004 this interest was re-ignited when Sarah and I went to Tanzania. It was then I started picking up a camera again and felt the love for the natural world that I had as a young boy.
Sarah: I always had a love of wildlife from a young age, spending much of my time growing up in rural Gloucestershire surrounded by wide-open spaces and wildlife. However, the real catalyst...

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