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Perdita Petzl’s vivid nature portfolio jumps off the page and screen. With a passion for smaller subjects, Perdita, who is a member of Female Nature Photography community website, captures the creatures behind her lens with artistic flair. Learn more about her style and insights in this quick fire Q&A

What is your favourite piece of equipment?

My favourite piece of equipment is my Canon 5D Mark III. Whether I photograph macro, wildlife or landscape, the 5D Mark III offers all possibilities. 

Define your photographic style.

I would say my photographic style is a romantic one. I try to show my motifs in a fairytale-like way. Soft pastel colours are important to me. And I also love to play with bokeh, light and structures. Macro photography for me is not necessarily associated with the largest possible scale. On the contrary, I like small imaging scales which leave me creative freedom and allow the integration of the environment. 

Five Minutes With Perdita Petzl

What are your photography goals?

I want to develop and refine my own photographic style. In nature photography, it is not always easy to combine it with creativity. I try to work with the possibilities the subject or nature offers and use this scope as good as possible. In addition, the weather and the respective lighting situation plays a major role.

What is the biggest lesson you've learnt as a wildlife photographer?

Wildlife photography is very exciting for me because there's nothing really predictable. It is advantageous if one has a lot of patience. On that day - after hours of fruitless waiting - you come back home without any usable photos and the next day you are lucky and can take some beautiful shots. So the biggest lesson I've learned as a nature photographer is to be patient. It needs time to get the perfect shot – either photographing wildlife or macros.

Five Minutes With Perdita Petzll

What is your favourite subject and why?

My favourite subjects are butterflies, wild orchids and European ground squirrels (spermophilus). The rare ground squirrels are my absolute favourites, because they are very cute and I love to watch them. They make my smile all the time. Butterflies are simply fascinating, delicate and beautiful creatures. Wild orchids are very easily overlooked and not easy to find nowadays, but they reward me with their alien like beauty every time. 

What advice would you offer other wildlife photographers?

Be patient, don't harm any animal or insect - a photo isn't worth that a creature has to suffer for it. And last but not least: don’t shoot when (light) conditions aren't worth it. 

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