Interview • Daisy Gilardini

Interview with Daisy Gilardini
A self-proclaimed Antarctica addict, Swiss photographer Daisy Gilardini traded life as an accountant for a life behind the lens. With a vast portfolio to her name, Daisy speaks to WPM about her obsession with the rhythm of nature

When and why did you first catch the wildlife photography bug?
As a child I grew up with the idea to become a veterinary as I always loved nature and animals, but life quite often does not go the way you plan it. I ended up becoming a Swiss certified expert in finance and accounting. After my masters degree I opened my accounting firm and with a good business plan and organizing skills, I managed to match my love for travel, nature and photography with my day job commitments. I soon started taking off on self-assignments for several months a year and I had to hire an assistant to help me out with the accounting business. Every time I was back in the office I was feeling depressed and unfulfilled. I started...

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