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What It Takes To Go Pro

What It Takes To Go Pro
Ellie Rothnie offers her expert advice on what it takes to become a full time wildlife photographer with insights from other professional photographers in the field

Many of us at some stage have probably been pursuing a different career, sitting in an office and gazing out of the window asking ourselves ‘what if?’ Then we have probably thought about quitting the day job and following our dreams. The idea of being outdoors, in the wilderness with wild animals and a camera is an irresistible way of living. But what does it really mean to give up a good job with a regular income and start out in the wildlife photography business, and what are the considerations you may...

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About Author

Ellie Rothnie

Ellie is an award-winning, full time wildlife photographer based in Powys, UK. Her work has been featured in magazines, national press and advertising campaigns. She is a tour leader for Natures Images, the UK’s leading wildlife photography company.

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