The Light Touch

Peter Cairns talks about new styles, approach and techniques that are being constantly tested by many professional photographers and enthusiasts alike

Whilst June in the leafy lanes of southern England might mean balmy evenings accompanied by the odd Chardonnay, in the Scottish Highlands June simply confirms the waning of winter that is barely discernible in some years. For me, early summer is an alluring, seductive time of year. I am imagining misty mornings caressed by orange light or the pastel blue of a lazy sunrise; I am drooling over mental images of Slavonian grebes, goldeneye and red-throated divers with their haunting song piercing the silence of a highland dawn…

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Peter Cairns

Peter Cairns has worked as a freelance nature photographer since 1999, during which time he as been honoured with numerous awards, including the Natures Best Photographer of the Year in 2010.

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