Piper Mackay Interview

Piper Mackay has spent the last 12 years photographing the wilds of Africa, having swapped a career in fashion for a life behind the lens. She explains her journey into photography, how Africa captured her soul and her new infrared work with WPM

How did you first get into photography Piper?

I was actually in the fashion industry for about 25 years. For more than a decade I designed garments and then went into textile design. I was in junior sports wear, so really young and funky stuff. I had a big change in life and a friend of mine said you need to go and do something you’ve always wanted to do and I’d always wanted to go to Africa. I’d dreamed of going on safari since I was a little girl. I had every DVD on wildlife and stories in Africa that one could possibly own. So I signed up on a trip which was safari, culture, tribes - the whole mix. It was an incredible safari and on the list…

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