Into the Shadows

With care and technique, darkness can shed light upon the biography of life, capturing the essence of a species. With some advice from Jared Lloyd, we’ll be embracing the dark side of wildlife photography like never before in the wilderness of the rainforest

Into the Shadows
An hour after sunset and the mosquitoes are so thick they can be measured in metric tons. It’s dark. It’s hot. I am unwillingly giving blood to hordes of tiny vampires. Welcome to the south. I hear a man shout out from the trail above me at the edge of the lake. “Excuse me sir, have you been drinking?” I glance over my shoulder to make out his silhouette against the blackness of the tree line behind him. “Why?” I shout back. “Because your laying in the water with a...

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About Author

Jared Lloyd

Jared Lloyd is a professional wildlife photographer and environmental journalist based in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. With publishing credits worldwide, Jared’s work takes him from the Amazon to Africa, but the open spaces and charismatic wildlife of Yellowstone lure him back to the Northern Rockies every time. At the heart of all things in his artwork is conservation.

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