Photographing the Great Grey Ghost with Jared Lloyd

Jared Lloyd tells the tale of his latest adventure in the Yellowstone Ecosystem, an encounter with the great grey owl. We learn why this bird has become a favourite subject among wildlife photographers

Strix nebulosa. That’s nerd speak for Ghost Owl. Or well, technically it’s the great grey owl. But of all the binomial Latin names I know, this one ranks among the most fitting. They are a race of large owls, confined to edges of boreal forests, masters of camouflage, expert listeners, and ridiculously accommodating to photographers. Grinding my way up a dirt road through the national forest that sprouts across the top of the Absaroka Mountains along the eastern edge of the Yellowstone Ecosystem, I’m on the hunt for...

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About Author

Jared Lloyd

Jared Lloyd is a professional wildlife photographer and environmental journalist based in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. With publishing credits worldwide, Jared’s work takes him from the Amazon to Africa, but the open spaces and charismatic wildlife of Yellowstone lure him back to the Northern Rockies every time. At the heart of all things in his artwork is conservation.

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