Good Migrations with Mark Sisson

The chaos and drama of a large-scale river crossing during the migration season in Africa is enough to fuel any wildlife photographer to pick up their camera. Yet how do we create unique images of such spectacles? Mark Sisson shares his thoughts

There are many natural events that occur on our planet driven by the regularity that the seasons bring. These seasons can be temperature related such as here in the UK, or they can be rain related in regions such as in eastern Africa. Here the presence of rain and its impact on the grasslands of the Serengeti and the adjoining Maasai Mara drive one of the greatest natural events of them all, the great...

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Mark Sisson

Mark is a widely published and award-winning nature photographer. As a Director of Natures Images, the leading wildlife photography holiday and workshop business, he has many opportunities to travel with his camera, as well as the opportunity to share his passion and knowledge for nature photography.

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