Embracing the Elements with Ellie Rothnie

Ellie Rothnie goes back to her roots and shares her photographic influences, how to create stand out images and shows why embracing the elements is essential

Embracing the Elements
I haven’t always been a wildlife photographer. I’m a marketing person by background who’s always loved taking photos. I‘ve been involved in the wildlife photography industry for a decade now, and in that time I have tried to soak up as much as I can, before embarking on guiding and then making the switch to becoming a full time photographer. For me, photography is a freezing of time, not just for the subject that we’re focusing on, but also in terms of our own creativity. Our images are an expression of our creativity at that point in time, and...

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About Author

Ellie Rothnie

Ellie is an award-winning, full time wildlife photographer based in Powys, UK. Her work has been featured in magazines, national press and advertising campaigns. She is a tour leader for Natures Images, the UK’s leading wildlife photography company.

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