Art Wolfe Interview

As one of the world’s most published nature photographers, Art Wolfe’s photography has been seen and admired by millions. On the eve of the release of his 100th book, he spoke to Wild Planet about his 40-year career and his support for Remembering Elephants, a unique new photo book

As the son of commercial artists and a graduate in fine art, did you feel a greater degree of certainty about your career and creative path from an early age?
My parents photographed weddings and were printers. I didn’t really take photos until I was a teenager and I learned early on that I had no desire to work in my father’s darkroom; however, I was definitely intrigued by the artistic studies that my mother did through correspondence courses. As a child I would sit alongside her and paint. I was in junior high school when some of my teachers took notice of the paintings I was making. They thought I was good enough at that age that they actually paid me to paint pictures for them. I made my first...

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