Birds In Focus • The Winner Takes It All

It’s that time of year when the world’s wildlife photography awards unveil their winners. Ever-hopeful entrant David Tipling wonders
if there is a recipe for success, or whether winning awards is just another form of lottery

Taken any winners recently?” It is a question often exchanged between myself and my buddies. By winners we are talking about pictures
that are really special. I reckon I take two or three photographs a year that make it into this category, or as one photographer I know describes, as his ‘family jewels’; those few dozen that sit above the rest of your work.

Recently we have been fed the results of the various competitions that are run through the year. No other competition exercises the minds of wildlife photographers more than the wildlife photography Oscars, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year. I enter my previous year’s family jewels in this competition, but annually I am always surprised at some of the...

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David Tipling is one of the world’s most published wildlife photographers. His images have featured in more than 40 books and his latest book, Birds and People (written by Mark Cocker) has just been published to wide acclaim.

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