A Lens For All Reasons

Buying a new lens isn’t always straightforward as David Tipling recalls. Sometimes the best lens is the one you never properly consider

For many years I stayed immune and then around five years ago it came back, so strong that I had to take expensive medication: my ailment? Buying another lens. I had for many years survived with a 500mm f/4 lens, which is ideal for bird photography in most situations. But when sitting in my favourite hides at reserves on the north Norfolk coast, I found myself wishing for a little longer reach – those fighting Avocets or a Marsh Harrier over the reeds always seemed just out of reach for a decent image. At around this time a friend had bought a 300-800mm zoom. A big lens, but one I figured should be perfect for my needs. So I traded-in my 500mm and purchased the zoom.

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David Tipling is one of the world’s most published wildlife photographers. His images have featured in more than 40 books and his latest book, Birds and People (written by Mark Cocker) has just been published to wide acclaim.

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