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Issue 1

Editor’s Letter

keith-wilson“They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.” So sang Joni Mitchell in her song from 1970, Big Yellow Taxi. I was ten at the time
and had just moved with my family to a paved paradise of our own in the outer suburbs of Sydney where a new housing estate was carved into the bush. Ironically, this suburban intrusion introduced me to native wildlife right on my doorstep: kookaburras and cockatoos, possums and echidnas. There were the dreaded funnelweb spiders and red-bellied black snakes too. Deadly or not, the species encountered in that strip of bushland behind our street really felt like a wild planet.

Several decades on, our planet is less wild, but the desire to see more of the world – the animals and their habitats – in a wilder state has never been stronger. As a result, wildlife photographers have become like the explorers of the past, venturing further and deeper into unfamiliar terrain to bring back images that make the rest of us wonder. With the launch of Wild Planet Photo Magazine, wildlife photographers of all ages, skill levels and experience now have a magazine they can call their own. Photo spreads, galleries, interviews, field tests and environmental stories are part of the core content in each issue, and on our website.

Wild Planet also recognizes that wildlife photographers – more than ever – are at the forefront of the global conservation battle. Today, wildlife photography has a purpose that extends beyond capturing the vitality and beauty of nature: we use our cameras to convince others as well as ourselves that a wild planet is worth saving. Otherwise, as Joni Mitchell wrote, “Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.”

See you next month.

Keith Wilson

Interview: Elliott Neep


In this first free issue of Wild Planet Photo Magazine Keith Wilson has an exclusive interview with wildlife and nature photographer Elliott Neep

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Birds In Focus • The Winner Takes It All


Ever-hopeful competition entrant David Tipling wonders if there is a recipe for success, or whether winning awards is just another form of lottery

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Stealth Gear One Man Chair Hide M2


Kaleel Zibe tries out this Stealth Gear One Man Chair Hide M2 portable chair hide for wildlife photographers

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Wildlife Mentor • November 2013


Every month, Wild Planet’s mentor Ross Hoddinott, will pass on his expert advice on a particular subject area of wildlife and nature photography

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7 Wildlife Wonders • Suzi Eszterhas


Based in California, Suzi Eszterhas specializes in documenting the family lives of endangered species and working with newborn animals

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Joel Sartore’s Photo Ark


Each month Wild Planet Photo Magazine will publish an image of a threatened species from Joel Sartore’s Photo Ark campaign. This month, Coquerel’s sifaka

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A Hide For Heights


In eastern Hungary, a unique glass-fronted hide provides Mark Sisson with an unmatched view of one of Europe’s threatened birds of prey at nest

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Yellowstone In Winter


It takes a hardy individual to explore Yellowstone and the Grand Teton National Parks in winter, Peter Cairns has the story

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Field Test: Nikon D4


Wildlife pro Kaleel Zibe was among the first photographers to buy Nikon’s flagship SLR, the D4. Wild Planet asked him if it has lived up to his expectations

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Field Test: Tamron SP AF 180mm f/3.5 Di Macro


When it comes to choosing longer focal length macro lenses, the choice is limited. So how did Mark Sisson fare when trying to catch butterflies with it?

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Biodiversity Begins At Home


Niall Benvie explains the ethos behind the Meet Your Neighbours project and the technique behind the extraordinary composite images

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One Lens You Cannot Do Without


Wild Planet Photo Magazine asked four wildlife photographers: What is the one lens you can never do without?

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Coral Spawning In The Cayman Islands


Renowned marine photographer Dr Alexander Mustard explains how he managed to capture the event of coral spawning in the Cayman Islands

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Book Review: Birds And People


Wild Planet Photo Magazine reproduces a selection of photographs by David Tipling from the magnificent Birds and People, one of the best wildlife books

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Last Rhinos In Mozambique

Last Rhinos In Mozambique

After decades of successful global conservation, rhinos face being poached into oblivion. We examine the scale of the threat and the reasons behind it

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Best Shots • Nov 2013


The November 2013 inspiring selection of wildlife photographs, submitted for the ‘Best Shots’ section of Wild Planet Photo Magazine by its talented readers.

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