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  1. Donald McVee on

    Can’t upload a picture. Why doesn’t this thing tell you why the picture is rejected instead of just putting a red X beside the title? I have tried to upload this thing 4 times and I’m about to give up.

    • Red X does not mean that the picture has been rejected. We clearly state on the form what it means… PLEASE NOTE: If you upload the wrong picture by mistake, click the red X to delete it and then upload the correct one.

    • Hi Steve
      Make sure there are not strange characters or spaces in the file name. It is best to name the file 1.jpg

    • Hello Joseph
      Instead of leaving a comment, it is best to use the contact form and fully explain your upload problem.

  2. John Trautner on

    Unable to get photo document of Brown Bear to download. Keep getting jpg image number with red x. Where did I error.??? Tks John T.

    • Red X is for allowing you to delete an image you uploaded by mistake. It is clearly stated in the upload box.

  3. Chris Renshaw on

    Hi There. Trying to upload a picture for the platinum member competition but the link or option is not working. Please advise. Thank you

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