osprey melissa groo

Osprey Heaven In Florida with Melissa Groo

Osprey are birds that many wildlife photographers long to capture on camera. Melissa Groo heads to Blue Cypress Lake, Florida, a hotspot for these glorious birds, offering her advice on how, when and where to photograph them

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mountain hare mark hamblin

Running Wild

Mark Hamblin reports from the field following a snowy adventure in the Highlands to photograph the elusive mountain hare. With a little patience and preparation, interesting pictures of these creatures can be created, Mark explains

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artic fox Joshua Holko

Arctic Fox Encounters with Joshua Holko

The second instalment of our three-part Arctic Encounter series centres on a fascinating snow survivor that lives in some of the coldest places on Earth – The Arctic Fox. Nature photographer Joshua Holko tells the tale behind these ethereal pictures

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Jakes De Wet Hyena South Africa

Editor’s Choice • Jakes De Wet

Every month we showcase the best enthusiast pictures submitted for publication by our loyal readers and followers. See your work published and you could win a Gold membership for a year.

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migration wildlife journals mark scission

Good Migrations with Mark Sisson

The chaos and drama of a large-scale river crossing during the migration season in Africa is enough to fuel any wildlife photographer to pick up their camera. Yet how do we create unique images of such spectacles? Mark Sisson shares his thoughts

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George Ball Reader Focus

Reader Focus • George Ball

We focus on the inspiring photography portfolio of George Ball this month. We’d love to publish your portfolio in the ‘Reader Focus’ section of the magazine. If you wish to promote yourself as a photographer, then Wild Planet Photo Magazine is the best place to do so.

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Harry Collins how to get the most from your gear

How to Get the Most From Your Gear

Reader Guest Editor Harry Collins discusses the hot topic of whether expensive photography gear is needed order to take breathtaking pictures. He offers his advice on how to make the most of what you have and can afford

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simon eeman leopard freeze frame

Freeze Frame • Simon Eeman

When it comes to our best pictures, we all have a story to tell. Publish your picture in Wild Planet Photo Magazine, share the ‘behind the scenes’ story and earn $50.

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Nick Garbutt Maliau Basin

A Walk on the Wild Side

Visiting the Maliau Basin rainforest in Malaysia, Nick Garbutt treks through the intriguing remote wilderness of this lost world, discovering its extraordinary biodiversity on camera

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