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Winter Survival in Yellowstone • Jared Lloyd

The challenges of winter in Yellowstone bring about smart survival strategies that defy plunging temperatures. Jared Lloyd explains how species in this environment continue to demonstrate remarkable endurance

I want to tell you that I am waist deep in snow, settled in behind my camera, watching some species of charismatic megafauna that I spent the morning stalking. But I am not. It’s too damn cold for that. Instead, I’m sitting in a heated snowcoach – basically a tank but with the body of a luxury airport shuttle van – watching for wildlife. It's been glacially slow this morning. As is expected when it is this cold outside. To the south and east...

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About Author

Jared Lloyd

Jared Lloyd is a professional wildlife photographer and environmental journalist based in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. With publishing credits worldwide, Jared’s work takes him from the Amazon to Africa, but the open spaces and charismatic wildlife of Yellowstone lure him back to the Northern Rockies every time. At the heart of all things in his artwork is conservation.

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