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Interview with Tin Man Lee

Interview with Tin Man Lee
US based wildlife photographer Tin Man Lee shares his influences, inspirations and best advice for budding wildlife photographers in this exclusive interview with Wild Planet

How did you become interested in wildlife photography?
I’ve been in love with wildlife since I was a kid. I was originally from Hong Kong and my grandmother lives in China. We only got to see her once a year and the journey to see her was really long, so my parents gave me a sketch book and I’d draw animals. After I went to school, I forgot about all of this completely. The funny thing is that after a tough day at school or even work, I always would always do one thing – head to the local book store and go straight to the area with nature and wildlife photography books. I read all of the books that interested me and the newest magazines related to wildlife. The animals were beautiful and I started to imagine what their lives were like. I kept going to these book stores and looking at these pictures just to...

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