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Photographer of the Week – Fred von Winckelmann

Favourite location

Fred von Winkelmann Photographer of the Week
After years of returning to Botswana areas it seems to be the Savuti marsh is my favourite location. Every time you can expect totally different circumstances and animals are heavily depending on precious water. It's one of the toughest areas to live for wildlife with a shortage of water and food most of the time. This is what makes them resourceful in choosing their prey what makes the photography more interesting.

Latest wildlife picture

As a fan of African nature while living in the Netherlands with a daily job and working overtime at night to keep up with my photography network, I wished I had more time to get out and make photos. If I can make time on the weekends I usually get on my bike with some gear and try to capture every interesting animal. Most of the time it is birds - often mallards flying and interacting with water. A good subject for not getting rusty on the shutter button.

Who are your heroes?

The people that made me decide on travelling to Botswana regions was at first Richard du Toit, who has incredible colourful and creative images of the Okavango delta wildlife. It felt so strange but also normal when I met him by accident online 14 years later and had some smalltalk about photos. The other reason was the awesome movie of the Jouberts of the elephant predating lions in Savuti. Then my mind was set on it." I must go there!" Which is what I did one year later and ever since.

Best piece of advice

Photographing wildlife is a learning process. Don't expect to have immediate great results at the start - there are always things to improve. Make the best of the gear you can afford but choose your lenses wisely. Be resourceful. Choose the best local guide that has knowledge of photography when doing serious stuff in the bush. I can go on the whole day....you have to experience it yourself eventually.

Favourite subject?

Big cats.

Favourite lens?

My old 135mm Canon EF f/2.0.

Most memorable moment?

There are many. Maybe last year's encounter with a large bull elephant giving me a warning a few meters from my spot while I was filming on foot in the middle of a campsite. I knew this was innocent so I filmed the gentle guy.

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