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Photographer of the Week – Matthew Scerri

Favourite location

MatthewScerri smallDifficult to answer but I'd have to pick the Mara in Kenya. It was where I had my first proper experience with wildlife and that trip was full of highlights. Having said that, for birds, I absolutely adore Costa Rica.

Latest wildlife picture

We've had a relatively poor Spring migration here in Malta this year, but was lucky to come across a few harriers - Montagu's and Marsh.

Who are your heroes?

I don't have heroes in particular but there are certainly lots of wildlife photographers I admire and look up to. I do love Bence Mate's work. I think he's often one of those who comes up with fresh ideas that very few people even think of trying. Then again, I've also been lucky to go on a few trips with Mark Sisson - who often contributes to this magazine - and I learned so much from him that I cannot but admire his work!

There are a few fellow Maltese photographers I'm inspired by too. Guido Bonnet has years of experience behind him and wildlife portfolios that are jaw dropping, Alison Buttigieg has some fantastic work of some of my most favourite subjects (big cats), and Johann Siggesson is also someone coming up with fresh ideas. His work with the local fauna is an eye opener.

Best piece of advice

From a rather shameful experience that has thankfully not repeated itself since: Always remember to put in the charged battery and replace the memory card.

Favourite subject?

Difficult to choose again, but I'd have to go with the Cheetah. It's an animal I find absolutely fascinating, and it's always a privilege to see one in the wild.

Favourite lens?

My old 500mm f/4L IS MkI. It was pre-loved when I bought it (second hand) but has been with me on most of my "adventures". I think I'm at a point where I'm getting a bit sentimental about it!

Most memorable moment?

Watching a cheetah plan and execute a successful hunt in the Maasai Mara.

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