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Photographer of the Week – India Burchell

Favourite location

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Richmond Park, London, UK. It is my favourite location because it is a very open park with deer roaming freely. You don't feel crowded by the animals and you don't feel like you are invading their personal space. You can walk side by side in the park.

Latest wildlife picture

Latest wildlife picture
Four white lion cubs at the Toronto Zoo. I was really excited to photograph the four new white lion cubs at the zoo because they are endangered and only a few are left in the wild. When I got there, I was dismayed to see that they were behind a cage plus glass, because their outside area was full of ice. So it was a challenge, but a very nice moment to watch the little cubs playing nonetheless.

Who are your heroes?

I don't have any specific heroes, but I do take interest in the latest wildlife photography exhibitions. The Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition really inspires me.

Best piece of advice

Be patient. Know the animal. Sometimes you might have to wait and watch the animal for hours whether in the wild or at the zoo to get the best photograph. Share your photos with others and ask for their feedback. You don't need to have the most expensive camera to take amazing photographs, so be confident in your ability.

Favourite subject?

White lions. They are rare to see in the wild and so it’s great to see that the zoos are breeding them and helping the species to continue.

Favourite lens?

l love my telephoto lens 70-300mm which I currently have. It is my dream purchase.

Most memorable moment?

Getting involved with my university photography society was a really memorable few years. It helped me to grow hugely not only as a person but my confidence in my photography increased. I got used to showing my photos every week, entering competitions and creating photo boards to show at events. I realised that I would not win the competitions first time, it would take a number of times to be picked. I won three trophies but the memories are what I will take away most of all.

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