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Photographer of the Week – Matthew Roper

Favourite location

Matt Roper
Africa. I just love the sounds of the animals during the night and when you go out first thing in the morning as everything starts to wake up. It’s magical.

Latest wildlife picture

The picture is of a Tawny Owl in Lincolnshire. The owl is on a farm and taken from a hide that has been set up by someone with a passion for wildlife since they were young. The birds are only slightly fed and that ensures that they are not dependent on the food. It is more to help these glorious birds out to ensure their success.

Who are your heroes?

I don’t really have any heroes as photographers appreciate all pictures, whether it is someone snapping on a simple camera to professionals. I do, however, appreciate people who run hides with a considerate approach as too many people slate hides. What they don't consider is the fact that if done right, these hides supplement the food and help wildlife in trying times and they also stop some photographers from chasing wildlife and doing damage to habitats.

Best piece of advice

To try and watch the wildlife in their natural habitat and present the picture in that way.

Favourite subject?

Kingfishers. I just love these birds and the colours they have. There is a hide that has them diving and seeing them underwater is truly amazing.

Favourite lens?

A Nikon 80-400mm as it’s just so adaptable and maybe a 500mm fixed lens.

Most memorable moment?

During my first wildlife safari watching a leopard walk up to the truck and just sit in front of it, watching us. I still smile when I look at the pictures and remember that day.

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