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Photographer of the Week – Laura King

Favourite location

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South Africa has incredible wildlife on land and also amazing underwater life. It’s the best of both worlds for me as an underwater wildlife photographer.

Latest wildlife picture

We just did a dive trip to Menorca, Spain. Our last dive was a wreck dive called the Santa Clara, which was at 47 metres. We found some really beautiful flatworms down there that we photographed.

Who are your heroes?

As a big fan of doing split shots (under/over the water) I am a big fan of David Doubilet. I also have a lot of respect for Ellen Cuylaerts who I think is leading the way for female underwater photographers.

Best piece of advice

For underwater, I was told to always swim with my camera out ready to take the shot, so that I wouldn't have to scare any fish with sudden movements. Whenever I dive, I am always ready to shoot and am often able to get much closer without disturbing marine life. I was told early on not to waste money on cheap lenses.

Favourite subject?


Favourite lens?

Canon 600mm f/4L IS II.

Most memorable moment?

One of my most memorable moments was arriving to the dock to go and photograph hammerheads for the day, only to find out that I would be joined by Jean-Michel Cousteau and his team who were shooting his 3D ocean special. The hammerheads were incredible that day and being able to watch Jean-Michel and his team filming was really quite spectacular.

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