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Photographer of the Week – Julian Parsons

Favourite location

Julian Parsons crop
Lower Zambezi National Park, Lusaka Province, Zambia. Great wildlife, untouched wilderness, stunning lighting, sunsets and there is a massive elephant population.

Who are your heroes?

Nick Brandt for his outstanding black and white imagery and beautiful compositions.

Best piece of advice

With the rapidly changing light conditions one is faced with while photographing wildlife in their natural environment, I was once advised to shoot in manual; select my preferred shutter speed and aperture and set my ISO to auto. If you are shooting with a crop sensor camera that has bad high ISO capabilities, then I would advise you to be careful using this method unless you set your preferred maximum ISO.

Favourite lens?

The only lens I have been using thus far. Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8. My dream lens is the Nikon 400mm f/2.8.

Most memorable moment?

I have resided in African wildlife reserves for the last six and a half years so there have been many memorable moments. My favourite memories are of the two young leopard cubs that I had a chance to spend much time with while working in the Lower Zambezi National Park during the course of 2015.

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