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Lennart Hessel – Photographer of the Week

Favourite location

I love Africa, but also east European countries like Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania where you can find places with less human impact.

Latest wildlife picture

My latest photos are of Eurasian Sparrowhawks hunting Eurasian Jays. They were taken in Norway.

Who are your heroes?

I don't really have a photographic hero. My hero is Sir David Attenborough and his relentless curiosity and passion for wildlife.

Best piece of advice

Don't hunt the picture, the picture will come to you. Meaning, don't rush along like a headless chicken because it is better to get to know the area - that will give you better pictures.

Favourite subject?

African Painted Dog, Golden Eagle and Vultures.

Favourite lens?

The Nikon AF-S 500/4,0E FL ED VR is a good, light upgrade to their previous front heavy 500/4.

Most memorable moment?

My first encounter with the famous male Golden Eagle of Kalvträsk. Just to be able to look at this magnificent Eagle and its amber eye from five metres was truly awesome.

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