Free Annual Issue 2016

WPM Annual 2016

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Free Annual Issue 2016

This is a FREE download, no purchase or subscription required. Over 170 pages of features, reader images and award-winning portfolios, absolutely free! Highlights inside include:

  • Phenomenal images from the Global Arctic Awards
  • Ross Hoddinott – The Magic of Macro
  • Piper Mackay – from fashion to African wildlife photographer
  • Yellowstone Journals – Avian Adventures in Yellowstone
  • Melissa Groo – The Spirit Bear of British Columbia
  • Fabulous reader images & pro photo essays
  • Marina Cano surreal reflections
  • And much, much more

Please note: this document is for personal viewing only. Any distribution, sharing or printing is strictly prohibited. All material is protected by international © copyright law.

For saving on ipad see the instructions on our support page.

Please add your name and email in the form and we will email you the download link. Your details will not be shared with any other parties.

Make sure our email does not end in your spam box.



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  1. I have paid for a membership, filled out your forms, received the email for the free issues, filled out another form requested the free issues, applied the code, and yet I still cannot download anything. What is going on?

    1. Hello Kyle
      What code are you talking about? This is a one off free issue and requires no subscription and no code.
      You fill in the form and you receive an email with instructions on how to download it – as simple as that.

      1. I was able to download the January 2017 issue, however, I am unable to download the Best of 2016 free annual issue.

        1. Hi Kyle
          It would help us if you explain the exact reasons why you cannot download it.
          It is best to use the contact form on the website, where you will be able to send us screengrabs if needed.

  2. Same experience as mr. Lustig; I’ve sent the request to download the free annual issue 2016, I got a confirmation via the site but never a link-Email to download. I have requested for the link a couple of times and it is not in my spam folder. I’ve added your domain name in the white list to allow your Emails but without result.
    I get the nasty feeling there is no free magazine at all and this is just about collecting Email addresses…
    Mr. APM Maas
    The Netherlands

    1. Hello APM Mass
      The free annual has already been downloaded by thousands of people. It is not right or fair accusing us for collecting email addresses. Instead, you should investigate with your email provider as to why our emails do not get through to you. We have tried to contact you from 3 different email addresses and our emails get bounced back.

  3. I have sent the request to download the free annual issue and I never get a link email. I have requested this 3 times and it is not in my spam folder. My address is

    Bruce Lustig

    1. Hi Bruce
      It is best to contact your email provider and ask them to add our domain name in their whitelist. It is clear that they do not allow our emails to get through to you.

  4. I’m confused. I receive an email stating I can download the “Free Annual Issue 2016” and yet after I complete the first form I’m taken to a second form that I can’t complete without providing billing info. Apparently it’s not “free” as I have to sign up for a year’s subscription. I’m not convinced yet to spend the money and telling someone an issue is free when it’s not is not helping my decision. I don’t think I’ll be renewing my initial 3 month promotional subscription.

    1. Hello William
      The second page you land on after completing the form is the ‘Thank You’ page, which informs you that we have sent you an email with the download link of the free annual.
      The second form you are referring to is optional and it is a special membership offer, in the case that you wish to subscribe.

      1. Ok, thanks for clearing that up. However I still have not received the download link. Perhaps I got something wrong in my email address although I’m sure it’s correct.

        1. You need to make sure that you add your email address correctly, otherwise you will not receive our email.
          Also, you need to make sure that our email does not end up in your spam box.

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